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A message from Lith - VERY IMPORTANT

Fri Jun 12, 2015, 3:06 PM
  • Mood: Affection
*phew* Here we go.

Hello everyone. 
This is Andreas (andreas75490) writing. I am currently writing a very important message. 

It wasn't easy to write, I'm sure. (and my formatting sucks, anyway)

It is a message from Lith; the owner of this here user. The one I know you all care for dearly.
I am writing this message for her because she feels... honestly terrible, and while some of you might think herself writing this is a better idea...

I'm sorry, but sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. I'm sure you've all experienced this at some point in your life. It changes you as an individual.
I made her a promise, and that promise is this exact journal you're all reading this very moment... because you care for her.

I'll try my best not to make this post too long, especially with my god awful formatting, but rest assured, you'll come to understand. (We hope)

Here on Deviant Art, she's come to met many wonderful people. Many of whom have become very important to her. You're all important to her, of course. She loves all of you with her heart.
The problem is that she wants to give attention to everyone, but as you can imagine, it is very hard and tiring to do so. As friends as well as artists, you've impacted her life more than you can imagine. Trust me when I write this. She is the most honest, kind and caring individual I've ever come to meet, and I am honored to be her friend. 

You all have your stories to share, your needs and connections with her. It has made her realize something that has made her very emotional. 

It has given her a lot to think about these past weeks. As I mentioned above, it has made her feel responsible. She feels as if she needs to do something about it, she wants to do something about it!
But it is too much for her, too overwhelming. It hurts her... that she can't show how much she truly cares for all of you. She just doesn't know where to start. "My energy has a tendency to be drained into nowhere." She has tried so hard to work with art and DA lately, but it's been far too challenging. She's also had a lot of troubles with headaches lately, which unfortunately doesn't make anything easier. 

She feels like she's handicapped with want she wants to do. She had planned to end her hiatus soon, acknowledging she'd been gone for quite a while, but she feels like she still needs more time.

What she is trying to tell you, her dearest of friends, is that she still needs some time off DA, but only to focus on her self-confidence and how to "work in the background and silence".
She feels that it is very important that you know this. I personally agree and understand her situation....

... Do you? All she ever wanted (still wants) was to make all of you feel like this artist cared for her watchers, her friends.

I'll say, she's scared. But I want you all to extend your heartwarming thoughts and make her smile when she sees this journal.

I hope that every single one of you understands, and that you, as the good friends that you are, make her smile.

That is all for now. I might answer some questions below, but I can't promise anything. Know that she is doing her best.

- Andreas
A friend 


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TachankaSanzu Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Skrymex Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're a great friend.
A great artist.
Stay Strong and Carry on:heart:
denya-chan Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Liiiith!!! :glomp: Så glad for å høre fra deg igjen! :'D :heart:
Beklager sen tilbakemelding fra meg og nå! ^^;
Jeg har ikke vært på dA lenge nå, men jeg gikk igjennom dine siste journals for å få noen oppdateringer..
Og så bra at ting har blitt litt bedre for deg! ^^ Jeg har vært med å be for deg og din helse. :heart:
Må bare si at jeg kjenner meg mye igjen i noen av de tingene du sliter/slet med..
Jeg har selv hatt det ganske vanskelig de siste årene, både når det gjelder min psykiske og fysiske helse.
Noen ganger har det til og med gått så langt at det endte i veldig dystre tanker...hvis du skjønner hva jeg mener..?
Jeg sliter fortsatt veldig mye, og humøret og situasjonen min kan variere fra dag til dag, men akkurat nå har jeg det bra heldigvis. :3
Oi, mente ikke å øse ut med mine problemer på deg sånn! xD
Sorry, men jeg har faktisk aldri skrevet dette eller sagt det til noen andre enn familien min før.. Mente ikke å ta det ut på deg. ^^;

Jeg forstår hvis det tar lang tid for deg å svare på meldinger (jeg sliter med samme problem her OTL), så ta all den tiden du trenger. :hug:
Ønsker deg en strålende dag og kun det beste for framtiden! :love: :heart: *stor klem*
Cyrilwolfgirl Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey Lith <3
I just wanted to say hi, as its been awhile since I have said anything to you.
How are you? I hope everything is going well for you :D
I just felt so bad for not even bothering to reply to your latest comment to me ;-;
But I do want to say, as my busy life is becoming more free, that I am working on a letter and that I hope to put it in the mail by the end of the month :hug:
I hope that your year this year is going by well, and I send good wishes your way

Dont worry about replying and such, and haah this probably sounds really lame and such, but I wanted to send news that your letter will soon come :)
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