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A message from Lith - VERY IMPORTANT

Fri Jun 12, 2015, 3:06 PM
  • Mood: Affection
*phew* Here we go.

Hello everyone. 
This is Andreas (andreas75490) writing. I am currently writing a very important message. 

It wasn't easy to write, I'm sure. (and my formatting sucks, anyway)

It is a message from Lith; the owner of this here user. The one I know you all care for dearly.
I am writing this message for her because she feels... honestly terrible, and while some of you might think herself writing this is a better idea...

I'm sorry, but sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. I'm sure you've all experienced this at some point in your life. It changes you as an individual.
I made her a promise, and that promise is this exact journal you're all reading this very moment... because you care for her.

I'll try my best not to make this post too long, especially with my god awful formatting, but rest assured, you'll come to understand. (We hope)

Here on Deviant Art, she's come to met many wonderful people. Many of whom have become very important to her. You're all important to her, of course. She loves all of you with her heart.
The problem is that she wants to give attention to everyone, but as you can imagine, it is very hard and tiring to do so. As friends as well as artists, you've impacted her life more than you can imagine. Trust me when I write this. She is the most honest, kind and caring individual I've ever come to meet, and I am honored to be her friend. 

You all have your stories to share, your needs and connections with her. It has made her realize something that has made her very emotional. 

It has given her a lot to think about these past weeks. As I mentioned above, it has made her feel responsible. She feels as if she needs to do something about it, she wants to do something about it!
But it is too much for her, too overwhelming. It hurts her... that she can't show how much she truly cares for all of you. She just doesn't know where to start. "My energy has a tendency to be drained into nowhere." She has tried so hard to work with art and DA lately, but it's been far too challenging. She's also had a lot of troubles with headaches lately, which unfortunately doesn't make anything easier. 

She feels like she's handicapped with want she wants to do. She had planned to end her hiatus soon, acknowledging she'd been gone for quite a while, but she feels like she still needs more time.

What she is trying to tell you, her dearest of friends, is that she still needs some time off DA, but only to focus on her self-confidence and how to "work in the background and silence".
She feels that it is very important that you know this. I personally agree and understand her situation....

... Do you? All she ever wanted (still wants) was to make all of you feel like this artist cared for her watchers, her friends.

I'll say, she's scared. But I want you all to extend your heartwarming thoughts and make her smile when she sees this journal.

I hope that every single one of you understands, and that you, as the good friends that you are, make her smile.

That is all for now. I might answer some questions below, but I can't promise anything. Know that she is doing her best.

- Andreas
A friend 


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NightDreamer09 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Writer
Sorry for the slow reply! ;) I'm going to start brainstorming and write the letter in a matter of minutes! So I hope tomorrow, at max the day after will starts its way towards you! Is this ok? :D
animeokamidrawer Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah it's ok! X3 awe! Awesome!
ChloeWolflover Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Feeling better may be, but when i feel worse nobody cares. I am this type of person to never just explain how i feel(which is super unhappy for already quite a while), and when i decided to tell my bff about it, we had been in some sort of unimportant argument before which i didnt see as any reason for her to be angry, she went raging on me as if i insulted her dead grandmother!
She said like I am unhappy aswell, depression shit(pff, she was always the one to be nonstop happy on school), and than the rage thing DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE???
and there was like no way i couldve known she was sad, while i had givrn enough hints which didnt get through because of lack of interest in me.
She has blocked me for two days already. Why would she not unblockme by now? Is she waiting for an apologie? If so, than she can wait for long. Im not gonna apologie for being honest for the first time in atleast a year. Bug im struggleing with the idea that she doesnt want to see me anymore because blocking me means she doesnt want to talk to me, and she doesnt want to solve it..
Im sorry for my complainments, its just.. im really struggleing with it and its not helping my self esteem and mood..
You dont have to reply to this since id completely understand it if you wouldnt want to be involved into someone strangers problems. If thats the case, than just ignore me, i understand

Im glad you are feeling better though
Keshira01 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you so much Senpai! :heart: YOU are too kind!
And don't worry for the late reply! This is a late reply aswell xD
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